Investment Management

Investment Philosophy

Whether it's building a comfortable retirement, leaving a legacy or simply generating wealth, we all invest with goals in mind.  How successful you are in pursuing your financial goals may depend on the investment strategy you choose and the method of management that is suitable for your risk tolerance and time frame.  You can be assured that all our model portfolios are developed and managed based on independent research and proven time tested strategies with no proprietary products or investment banking relationships to support.  Our managed portfolios are structured within a foundation of traditional diversification or Asset Allocation.  This process spreads investments across numerous asset classes, categories and sectors aimed at reducing risk and diminishing volatility.   Depending on your risk comfort, we offer both Strategic and Tactically Managed Model Portfolios.  No matter which approach you find more suitable, we only recommend investment products that we would buy ourselves.  We completely believe in our processes so much that we have invested the large majority of our life saving in our portfolios.  We literally put our money where our mouths are.


Strategic Asset Management – An Asset Allocation strategy based on the “efficient frontier” model of maximizing return given one's risk selection.  This static discipline incorporates diversification as the primary risk management tool.   Portfolios are managed with quarterly rebalancing and annual reviews to reevaluate one's goals in addition to risk tolerance.

Tactical Asset Management - An Asset Allocation approach but with a strategy to focus on asset classes demonstrating preferable momentum while reducing, or eliminating, asset classes that are underperforming.  This proactive discipline incorporates a Market Analysis based on fundamental valuation and trend patterns developed from Technical Analysis which are measured against the economic backdrop.  Rebalancing occurs as often as necessary.  Portfolio positions are continually compared to ongoing changes in asset classes and global markets for strength and weakness.   


Risk Tolerance Survey –Will assist you in recognizing and understanding your investment comfort zone.  We would encourage you to take our survey and submit for our review or retain for your own information.