Our Firm

Customized Financial Strategies

We are Wealth Managers committed to helping others organize, plan and manage their financial assets though a customized and comprehensive process directed toward managing and maintaining financial independence.   Our approach is to simplify the financial planning and investment management process so it is clear and understandable.  We work with you to provide and implement a financial strategy tailored to your specific needs.  As your needs may change, count on us to be there to help evaluate any necessary adjustments and assist you in navigating through life’s unexpected events.

Our holistic approach to wealth management means that we can address all your life concerns, from college funding, insurance evaluation, retirement asset and income planning to elder and estate planning strategies.  We are able to efficiently guide you through asset maximization strategies. 

Financial Planning Process

Discovery – understanding your personal, professional and life goals

Education – the process of analyzing the facts, figures and feeling of your current situation.

Active Management – proving a strategy to address your objectives and continually monitor progress.

Experienced Professionals

Our team is composed of highly skilled, caring professionals who bring extensive industry experience and an understanding touch to our client service experiences.  We strongly believe in taking care of our client’s needs in a thoughtful and consistent manner day after day.

Guiding Principles

Independence, Integrity and Value are the “holy trinity” of our firm.  Founder William Jeffrey has been in the insurance and investment industry since 1985 and built his firm with these basic principles as the root for success.   

Independence is key for positioning ourselves within an objective environment. Maintaining a business paradigm that allows us to truly evaluate investment and insurance alternatives within an open architecture, creates the core of “fiduciary” responsibility which powers us to serve with our client’s best interest at heart. 

Integrity begins by providing our clients with a comprehensive understanding in our services and strategies we provide.  We diligently complete our responsibilities and follow up in a thorough and timely fashion.      

Value means that we strive to go beyond industry standards in every way we can.  Starting from the sound planning advice we offer to our proven investment management philosophy to timely and caring administrative service, our objective is help you accomplish yours.