William Jeffrey

LPL Registered Principal

William Jeffrey founded and manages an independent financial services firm dedicated to helping people organize, plan, manage, and maintain financial independence.  In 1994, he established his own company focused on building a foundation for success by committing to provide honest advice while offering sound financial strategies within a thoughtful caring environment.  It was his choice to align his practice as an OSJ (Branch Manager/Registered Securities Principal) with LPL Financial Services (The nation's leading independent broker/dealer*) which extended access to a full spectrum of non-proprietary quality investment and insurance alternatives.   

Planning for the financial independence of his clients continues to be Bill's passion, he also assisted several of Michigan's largest Credit Unions in developing and managing Financial Planning/Investment Advisory Services for over 19 years.     

Bill's enthusiasm for investment management and financial planning is no coincidence inheriting a frugal Scottish heritage which reinforced the importance of education and financial freedom.   Commencing from business school at Wayne State University, Bill's professional experience dates back 34 years to 1985 in the areas of retirement, insurance, estate, tax, and business. 

While the conventional wisdom of the investment industry heavily relies on basic asset allocation to reduce risk and return, Bill's attention and experience during both bull and bear markets has enabled him to incorporate advanced strategies using “technical analysis” to tactically rebalance portfolios. This strategy is designed to help reduce risk and preserve principal when markets appear to be highly volatile or to take advantage of observed conditions of positive volatility.  Principal preservation is a primary objective within his proactive investment management philosophy. 

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2023, based on total revenue.