William Jeffrey 

LPL Registered Principal

Phone: 248-723-6400

Email: william.jeffrey@lpl.com

Customized Financial Strategies

Our goal is to make financial planning clear and understandable. We work with you to provide and implement a financial plan tailored to your specific needs. By understanding your goals and risk tolerance, we can help find the right investments that will address your financial objectives. As your financial needs change, count on us to be there to help you make the necessary adjustments.


As registered representatives of LPL Financial, the nations largest independent broker/dealer*, we are able to offer non-proprietary investment products to our clients. This leaves us free to choose the best strategies for you, with no strings attached.


Our holistic approach to wealth management and financial planning means we can address all of your financial concerns. From college funding investments, insurance, retirement planning or estate plans, William Jeffrey and his associates will assist you in the process of creating and preserving wealth, and we are always here to help.

Our clients can count on us to be ethical in our practice, caring of their needs and thorough in our response. Our associates can be assured of fair practice within a positive environment. Our business partners can count on us to stand as an example of excellence within our trade. Our community can expect us to contribute to the good will of the citizens. We pledge ourselves to always maintain consistency in pursing our vision, while encompassing a passion for learning.